White Fillings

White Fillings in Logan

If you have decay or a chipped or broken tooth, white fillings are commonly used to repair and rebuild your teeth. The white fillings can be very strong and very aesthetic (good looking!) when done well. Our experienced Logan dentists at Loganholme Dental Centre have provided white fillings for decades and are up to date with the best techniques and latest materials.

We call white fillings “tooth coloured” as they bond in place onto tooth and matches the shade and look of a real tooth. White fillings are appropriate for decay, even in teeth at the back of the mouth. We can do strong white fillings for most back teeth (molars). Some very large fillings are better suited for a dental crown, our friendly team advise you about all of the options available for you for your specific issue.

White fillings can also be used top repair chipped, stained or worn teeth. All of our team of dentists at Loganholme Dental Centre have experience and additional training in layering techniques to give amazing aesthetic results for chipped and worn teeth.