Dentures and Plates

False Teeth, Dentures, and Plates in Loganholme

Dentures or plates (also known as false teeth) come in a few different forms. Modern technology has improved allowing tricky situations to be solved using a strong comfortable denture. At Loganholme dental clinic we have been making dentures for decades, and all our staff are up to date with the best current treatments availalble.

Dentures are made from acrylic teeth on a metal or plastic base. The strongest, most aesthetic and best fitting denture depends on the shape of the mouth and the number of teeth being replaced. We can make discreet, strong, comfortable dentures. We work closely with our local Brisbane lab technicians to custom make the best possible dentures for your situation.

If you require a new denture, please call our practice for a consult and our friendly staff will help you figure out what is best for you!
If you live in the Loganholme area and have a set of dentures of false teeth that ere worn or not fitting well, we can help!

Options for replacing missing teeth may be easier than you think!