Dental Implants

Dental Implants Logan

Dental Implants are often the gold standard to replace missing teeth. This tried and tested technology sees a precision titanium implant placed into the jaw bone to support a tooth or denture.

Dental implants are impressive and reliable, and closely imitate a natural tooth – both in look and feel! Implants do not effect adjacent teeth, and are fixed into the mouth permanently with nothing to remove.

At Loganholme Dental Centre we restore implants and can give you all the advice on the best and simplest ways to get strong beautiful teeth with implants! Typically dental implants are performed under local anaesthesia and the procedure is very similar to a routine dental visit.

If you are in the Logan area and are looking to replace a missing tooth, regain your ability to chew, or have a loose fitting denture that you wish would just stay in place, give our friendly reception a call today to find out more!